Many, many parents seek the consistent care that nursery offers and there a many fabulous institutions in every town and city, but when a second child (or third) enters the nursery, the costs rocket so I've been researching the comparison for childcare options.

Today was the first of Nanny&Co's exclusive Nanny Club Coffee and Cake mornings at Nanny&Co HQ!

What a delight to have such dedicated nannies at my table and listen to their love for their work and it struck me how valuable nannies are and what consistency, devotion, support and guidance they offer families.

In the media recently, Fiona Bruce declared that she still has her nanny although now re-branded as ‘carer’ for her two adolescent children. But it’s not so much about the cotton-wool childcare that her children need, but more the integration of the nanny/carer in their family provides such stability for all involved that is too good to give up, for now.