11 April 2018


Nanny&Co’s new “baby” is and we’re utterly delighted to announce that Morton Michel is a new main sponsor!


Paula Le Flohic is Director (or more affectionately known as Mother Goose) of Nanny&Co a Cheshire-based bespoke nanny agency and is the author of the original book published in Dubai in 2003.


Having had her twins in Dubai, in 2000 and feeling isolated with no family or support network in Dubai, Paula founded Twins, Triplets Or More in 2001 for families with multiples living in the city. The group went on to welcome over 200 families to its membership; with twins, triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets.


I know it's a long-shot but I'm sending a copy of my book, 'Pearls of Wisdom; from pregnancy to preschool' to the Duchess of Cambridge today - I know, I know....but she MIGHT get it. She MIGHT read it and she MIGHT like the link to the new website version of it! is after all a free resource for parents to post their own parenting hacks and good ideas, so that others will be able to search for them, add their comments and rate them - to create Top of the Tips!

It's free to join to post - it's free to search

It's going to be HUUUUUGE so anyone can advertise if they'd like to - that would be smashing!



Nanny&Co are delighted to have Victoria Greenly give us an overview of a day in the life of a postnatal doula. See the Nanny&Co Training page for upcoming Postnatal doula training courses - I can't speak highly enough of the concept of postnatal doulas - I strongly believe that I wouldn't have struggled with postnatal depression if I'd had a postnatal doula!

Over to you, Victoria...

The concept of a postnatal doula has been around for thousands of years – think of the network of women who would support a new mother with babycare knowledge as well as emotional and physical nourishment, so that she could recover from birth and learn ways to take care of her baby.  However, the role as we know it in its current form may be less familiar.  Postnatal doulas have been around for a while and growing in numbers over the last 10 years but as a nationwide phenomenon, we are relatively new!  The reason we are needed is important and I have already written an article on why we set up as a course provider! 

As featured in the Telegraph, commenting on nannies for teens, Nanny&Co's friend wrote this as a respectful ode to Mary Poppins-style advert - we LOVE it!

"Wanted a nanny for two adorable children...

...If you want this choice position
Have a cheery disposition
Decent tweets, no URL shorts
Hashtags, all sorts

You must be kind, you must witty,
Like snapchat and be very Twitty
Take us on outings, tag us in tweets,
Rap songs, with bleeps

Never be cross or be angry
Never change the wifi code or key
Love us as a son and daughter
Remember the cordial when giving us water

If you won't scold and dominate us
If you go on holiday, be sure to take us
We won't hide your spectacles, so you can't see
Or hide the remote when your watch the TV

Hurry nanny, many thanks


Jane and Michael Banks"…/rise-helicopter-nanny-parents…/


Many, many parents seek the consistent care that nursery offers and there a many fabulous institutions in every town and city, but when a second child (or third) enters the nursery, the costs rocket so I've been researching the comparison for childcare options.