Unfortunately, babies don’t arrive in the world with a handbook!  So inevitably, along the parenting journey many parents need some advice from someone with a particular expertise.  Nanny&Co. provide a unique service, where we can help you find the right professional to help you.

We have a database of professionals and experts covering everything from sleep to allergies, feeding to behaviour, communication to walking.  Whether you need an assessment, tailored help or a childcare with specialist skills we can help you find what you need.

These experts work with Nanny&Co. to deliver courses to our nannies, ensuring that the nannies have a varied training portfolio. They also offer training courses to parents hosted by Nanny&Co. and are available for private consultations with families.

If your child has difficulties that you wish to seek help for call Paula at Nanny&Co. to discuss your concerns.  With experience as a mum of twins, a published author and journalist on lifestyle and parenting articles and a passionate interest in children’s development, she can help you identify what help you need and then find a specialist with the right skills to help you.

  • Prenatal and antenatal specialist
  • Postnatal doula
  • Breastfeeding counsellor
  • Feeding specialist
  • Behaviour specialist
  • Sleep specialist
  • Nutritional specialist
  • Physical or movement specialist
  • Sensory specialist
  • Allergy specialist
  • Speech and language specialist
  • Play specialist

If you have any specialist skills or experience and would like to use these skills to offer training, support more junior members of the team or offer family private consultations please get in touch.

Nanny&Co Recommends

Some companies/people I have met who I would like to mention:
Pearls of Wisdom for Parents.com Parenting resource

Pearls of Wisdom for Parents is a brand-spanking-new website for all your parenting hacks, tips and ideas on all subjects from pregnancy to pre-school as the original book included, but we've extended it to teenagers and that scary world!

The original book, published in Dubai in 2003, included over 1000 hints and tips, and we hope that the website becomes an invaluable resource for all parents, friends of parents, and grandparents too! The sections include Pregnancy, Day to Day, Fatherhood, Teenagers and many more.....!

iKershaw Web Development

The secret weapon of making businesses boom on the internet.

The most brilliant website designer - simples!

Patient, thoughtful, ingenious, creative and did I say PATIENT?

Graphlex Designs Graphics Design

The most brilliant graphics designer who has the patience of a saint - and a cracking sense of humour.
Only the best for her client, Lexxy will give you all the time and options you need to get the corporate design that you want.

Educaid First Aid

Vince Larvin is an utter gentlemen with the most exemplary background to deliver first aid courses.

You'd be in the safest hands on his courses.

Phil Pelucha - Social Media Genius Creation, attraction management

Phil Pelucha is a social media genius! Whatever he does, he does brilliantly.

Your social media is so safe in his hands, you must let him work his magic and drive your business in the direction it needs to go.

He knows stuff about social media than a normal human being doesn't need to - he's comfortable in that world so let him lead you in the right way.

He's been with me from the start and I value his thoughts (as random as they sound), energy, ability, knowledge and creativity more than he knows!

Katie-Jane Crosbie Sleep-training

Katie-Jane Crosbie is a sleep expert who has helped hundreds of parents over two decades develop a positive sleep approach for their babies, toddlers and, of course, THEMSELVES!
With some wonderful references for her programme and techniques, Katie-Jane is wonderfully warm and truly committed to anyone needing her help!

Nannytax Tax Agency Advice line

Payroll experts and advice line for families to create your entire employer responsibilities when employing a nanny



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